Did you know that asthma is the seventh-ranked chronic health condition in the United States and the leading illness in children? Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that makes your airways sensitive to irritants. Studies have shown that as many as 300 million people worldwide have asthma, and unfortunately, that number continues to rise.  However, people living with asthma can live a happy life with few symptoms! You can dramatically increase your ability to relieve asthma symptoms by making specific changes and adjustments to your lifestyle. Here are 13 self-care tips to help ease asthma symptoms:

  1. Avoid exposure to particular allergens like dust and pollen.
  2. In worst cases, limit or avoid fruits with high sugar content such as apples and bananas. These fruits will increase the problem of mucus secretion.
  3. Avoid foods that are difficult to digest and fried foods.
  4. Avoid eating any foods that you are allergic too. A few foods that people are commonly allergic to include fish and yeast.
  5. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will not only make digestion easier but also helps reduce the formation of profoundly thick mucus.
  6. Make sure all air-conditioner filters are free of dust.
  7. Make sure your surroundings are free of dust. It is crucial to cover your nose and mouth while cleaning. If you are allergic to dust, you will typically face an asthma attack each time you clean the house. Using a vacuum to dust your home rather than sweeping with a broom may help as well.
  8. Try to avoid using perfumes, cleaning sprays or air fresheners. The mist from these sprays causes serious risk of bronchial asthma.
  9. Avoid smoking. Not only is smoking bad for your overall health, but it is especially risky since it damages the lungs.
  10. Try to incorporate ginger into your daily diet. Ginger has numerous excellent health benefits, one of them is reducing the chance of allergic infections.
  11. Always have an inhaler ready just in case of emergency situations. Even if you are very careful, you should always be prepared in case something happens.
  12. Live an active lifestyle and participate in regular physical activity for a limited period of time. You don’t always have to do heavy cardio or bodybuilding workouts. For some people, fatigue is a reason for asthma. In that case, try breathing exercises such as deep breathing. Breathing exercises will help fill your lungs with fresh air and exhale all the air out. Those exercises will help to eliminate a significant number of toxic elements from the body.
  13. Think about fasting at least once a week. Fasting is another thing that can provide various great health benefits. By fasting, you give the body an opportunity to burn that extra fat as well as clean the body from unwanted wastes. This can be extremely helpful for asthma patients who may be obese and looking to gain control over their weight.

You can control and relieve asthma symptoms yourself and live a happy and healthy life with these self-care tips. You can also visit Gonzaba Urgent Care in San Antonio, Texas. To find out more information on asthma treatment give us a call at (210) 921-6600 or visit our website!